Focused Facilities Management is excited to announce the development of their revolutionary building management software. Taking an integrated approach, the software combines facilities management, concierge, and client portals to create a rich and immersive environment to effectively manage all of a building’s needs, and the needs of its occupants.

For residents, the software will be available through your preferred web browser, or as an app on your Apple or Android devices, giving you access to your building’s services and facilities from anywhere in the world. It also acts as a social network, allowing the building’s community to come together and create social clubs, share events, post photos, and interact with neighbours, building management and service providers like never before.

For Facilities Managers, the software will ensure all of the information you need is at your fingertips. A comprehensive asset database tracks servicing, warranties, and defects, while giving you the flexibility to mould the software to your requirements. Plan and track projects, easily communicate with residents, produce meaningful data, and provide a level of service not yet reached by the industry.

Integrating this software into your building management systems will dramatically change the way you interact with your building. To see how this software can improve your building management and community interaction call Focused FM on 9329 4016 or email us