ESSENTIAL SERVICES (Essential Safety Measures)

Focused Facilities Management (FFM) derive a scheduling system capable of tracking all Essential Services Maintenance (Essential Safety Measures). This ensure’s that the building is maintained in accordance to its Occupancy Permit protecting its valuable assets and reducing risks to all its owners & residents.

The Directors and Facility/Operation Managers have developed strong relationships with large network of service providers and extensive experience in managing contracted services by implementing robust conditions in their Contract Agreements demanding high quality standards as well as encouraging competitive tension in the market to maximise benefits to all owners & residents.

Our reliable & qualified Building managers are responsible to ensure all scheduled maintenance is completed, appropriate service documentation is provided and follow up on any issues that arise as a result of the service being carried out.


Whilst the Essential Services (Essential Safety Measures) Maintenance are priority, there are many other services (outside those listed on the Occupancy Permit) that require equal attention for maintenance.

Non-Essential Services can range from a simple common area cleaning to residence based services such as garbage disposal service, Car park, Gym, Pool Maintenance and much more.

FFM is determined to provide the best possible service to all residents by providing them with the comfort and safety that they deserve. FFM schedule and arrange all regular non-essential maintenance service with care, making sure it is conducted in a timely and cost effective manner. Extra attention is focused on all common areas and building aesthetics, ensuring the property is maintained in first class condition.

All FFM employees (Facility/Operations Managers, Building Managers, Cleaners, and Concierge staff) all work together as a team having one clear direction, this ensures smooth running of the building operations on a day-to-day basis.