Focused Facilities Management supplies the client with a 5-star concierge service, to maintain continuous human face of high end residential apartment living, to maintain the security integrity and seamless integration & enhancement of current building management service provided.

By providing prominent, iconic properties with experienced and trained personnel Focused Facilities Management creates a standard of service, style and personal attention to detail mirrored on high end buildings throughout the world.

Our professional front desk team would add a degree of luxury warmth to your property, because coming home should be an absolute pleasure and first impressions does count. Our concierge will also provide a second-to-none service that will satisfy all the needs of the residents.

With a sustainable 24/7 service, FFM concierges are trained to ensure the safety and wellbeing of residence around the building site. Our people are also trained to be responsive and helpful towards residents and their guests, giving them a sense of welcoming whenever they are entering the building.

Our Concierge service includes:

  • Monitoring Surveillance Cameras
  • Securing the Lobby
  • Maintaining a security presence
  • Accepting Deliveries
  • Handling resident requests
  • Greeting Residents and Guests
  • Other Administrative Duties